Pay or challenge a parking fine

The council, working in partnership with East Herts Council and NSL Parking Services, is responsible for the enforcement of parking restrictions in the borough.

Our aims are to:

  • Benefit pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers as well as other drivers by reducing the amount of illegal and inconsiderate parking in the town.
  • Improve the street environment for those who visit, live or work in the town.
  • Reduce congestion by controlling the parking of vehicles on street.
  • Ensure better availability and turnover of disabled and short-term parking spaces in the town centre, allowing more people to park.

Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) wear a distinctive uniform. They have the power to issue tickets that carry a penalty charge.

Penalty Charge Notices or more commonly known as parking fines (PCNs) are issued for parking contraventions that take place on the street and in some car parks. These include:

  • Parking on double yellow lines
  • Parking in bays designated for the disabled, without displaying the required badge
  • Parking in loading bays
  • Overstaying time limits in short term parking areas.
  • Not parking wholly within the parking bay markings (car parks)

The British Parking Association have produced a short video to help better inform motorists on the steps they should take if they receive a parking ticket.

How to pay a parking ticket

Here you can view the photographic evidence associated with a parking fine, or go straight to pay a parking fine.
If you have any difficulties paying your parking ticket online, please call the council on 01707 357000.

PCNs carry a penalty charge of £70 or £50 dependent on the severity of the offence.  The charge is reduced by 50% if payment is made within 14 days.

How to challenge a parking ticket

The PCN shows the details of the alleged contravention, the date and time when it occurred plus the location where it happened.  If you feel it was wrongly issued or that there are special circumstances you can challenge the PCN - this may result in it being cancelled, or your appeal being turned down, in which case you will be informed about your rights to take the matter further.

You should write promptly to the address shown below, as this will still provide the opportunity for you to pay at the reduced rate should your challenge be turned down.

The Parking Office
PO Box 43

Parking restrictions, denoted by yellow lines, apply not only to carriageways, but also to grass verges and footways. Where yellow lines are in place penalty charge notices may be issued to vehicles parked on an adjacent footway and/or verge.

If you have any questions about parking enforcement within the borough, please contact the Parking Office using 01279 655261.

Whilst parking restrictions are to be enforced by the council, moving traffic offences and vehicular obstruction of the highway remain the responsibility of the police.

The laws surrounding parking offences changed at the end of March 2008; for more information see the Traffic Management Act 2004.

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