Local Strategic Partnership (WH Alliance)

Our Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is called the Welwyn Hatfield Alliance. Members of the Alliance include key public sector organisations, businesses, community groups and voluntary groups in Welwyn Hatfield who have come together around a shared vision, to improve the quality of life for all in Welwyn Hatfield.

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Many of the issues we face today - such as community safety, public health and social inclusion - can only be tackled effectively if public, private and voluntary sector organisations work together.

The Alliance co-ordinates key local partners to improve local services and involve many more of the local communities in decisions affecting their everyday lives.

Further information about Local Strategic Partnerships can be found on the government's Communities and Local Government webpage.

Executive Group - Strategic Partners

The Executive Group is the overall decision making body of the Alliance and provides both strategic direction and co-ordination.  The group consists of senior representatives from:

Management Group

A Management Group will focus on the overall co-ordination of the work programme agreed with the Executive Group, as well as directing the operational delivery of the Sustainable Community Strategy.

Task and Finish Groups

Task and Finish Groups made up of representatives from partner organisations will work on locally agreed priorities.  The current priority groups have been identified as:

Local Partnerships

There is a wide family of partnerships that already exist and it envisaged some members will join the Task and Finish groups to work on the agreed priorities. The Local Partnerships are:


Alliance principles


The key principles that the Welwyn Hatfield Alliance has built itself around are:

  • Improve and enhance co-ordination of services local communities receive
  • Make better use of existing resources by avoiding wasteful duplication and filling gaps in services
  • Develop non-bureaucratic ways of working
  • Tackle cross cutting issues more effectively
  • Integrate action focused on priorities agreed with partners
  • Find new ways to involve many more people in the way their services are provided

Making a difference is our primary aim.

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